List groups

GET /api/service/groups

List all the groups defined in Atlan.

Query parameters

  • limit integer(int32)

    Maximum number of records to be returned.

  • offset integer(int32)

    Starting point for records to return, for paging.

  • sort string

    Property by which to sort the records.

    Values are alias or name.

  • count boolean

    Whether to return the total count of records or not. If set to false both totalRecord and filterRecord will return 0.

    Default value is true.

  • filter object

    Filter data by specifying filters based on RQL


  • 200 object

    List of groups from Atlan.

    • totalRecord integer(int32)
    • filterRecord integer(int32)
    • records array[object]
      • id string

        Unique identifier (GUID) of the group.

      • name string

        Unique name of the group.

      • path string
      • Attributes for groups in Atlan.

        • alias array[string] | null

          Name for the group to use in the UI.

        • createdAt array[string] | null

          Date and time (epoch) at which the group was created in Atlan, in milliseconds.

        • createdBy array[string] | null

          Username of the user who created this group (or unique API key if the group was created via API).

        • description array[string] | null

          Description of the group.

        • isDefault array[string] | null

          When true, the group will be automatically assigned to any newly created or invited users.

      • userCount integer

        Number of users that belong to the group.

        Default value is 0.

      • decentralizedRoles array[object] | null

        Instance of a decentralized role in Atlan, with its detailed information.

      • personas array[object]

        Reference to a persona in Atlan.

        • id string

          Unique identifier for the persona.

        • name string

          Name of the persona.

        • displayName string | null

          Display name of the persona.

      • purposes array[object]

        Reference to a purpose in Atlan.

        • id string

          Unique identifier for the purpose.

        • name string

          Name of the purpose.

GET /api/service/groups
curl \
 -X GET \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"
Response example (200)
  "totalRecord": 3,
  "filterRecord": 3,
  "records": [
      "id": "a852d26f-279a-4f57-b3e2-72831cd814a4",
      "name": "base",
      "path": "/base",
      "attributes": {
        "alias": [
        "createdAt": [
        "createdBy": [
        "description": [
          "A group to provide full access to everything."
        "isDefault": [
      "userCount": 1,
      "decentralizedRoles": [
          "roleId": "90af78ec-998f-4939-aa23-2159c7312b6e",
          "level": "connection",
          "privilege": "admin"
      "personas": [
          "id": "3f94d413-ae47-4ddb-a5a9-1b286e7eb04e",
          "name": "Base",
          "displayName": "Base"
      "purposes": [
          "id": "12846d83-d117-42e1-a0fd-823dfa75e876",
          "name": "Restricted Protection"